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Attojoule Nano-Optoelectronics
Honors & Awards
National Academy of Sciences (M. Lukin) Tomassoni-Chisesi Prize (P. Kim) DoD Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (S. Fan) Associate editor for ACS Photonics (J. Vuckovic) Tenure-track position at University of California, Davis (M. Radulaski) Nano- and Quantum Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University (K. Yang) 2018 Centennial Teaching Assistant Award for outstanding teaching service in Electrical Engineering department at Stanford University (R. Trivedi) Director at Large of the Optical Society Board of Directors (M. Brongersma) Best Thesis Prize from Springer (M. Mencagli) 2018 Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology from IEEE Nanotechnology Council (N. Engheta) OSA Executive Committee and Chair of the Awards Committee (M. Brongersma) Nano- and Quantum Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Fellowship (M. Radulaski) Rising Stars in EECS (M. Radulaski (2017), N. Mohammadi Estakhri (2017, 2018)) PRL Editor’s Suggestion with Y. Radi, D. Sounas, A. Alù, Meta-Gratings: Beyond the Limits of Graded Metasurfaces for Wavefront Control,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 067404 (2017) J. Perczel, J. Borregaard, D. E. Chang, H. Pichler, S. F. Yelin, P. Zoller, M. D. Lukin, Topological Quantum Optics in Two-Dimensional Atomic Arrays,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 023603 (2017) A. Krasnok, D. G. Baranov, A. Generalov, S. Li, and A. Alù, Coherently Enhanced Wireless Power Transfer,” Physical Review Letters 120, 143901 (2018). Feature Article for A. Raza et al, “ALD assisted nanoplasmonic slot waveguide for on-chip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy”, Applied Physics Letters 3, 116105 (2018) J. Opt. Editor’s Pick with M. Tymchenko, J. S. Gomez-Diaz, J. Lee, M. A. Belkin, A. Alù, Highly-Efficient THz Generation Using Nonlinear Plasmonic Metasurfaces,” J. Opt. 19, 104001 (2017) Cover of Nature Photonics with D. Sounas, A. Alù, Non- Reciprocal Photonics Based on Time Modulation,” Nature Photon. 11, 774 (2017) Cover of Nature Electronics with D. L. Sounas, J. Soric, A. Alù, Broadband Passive Isolators with Large Efficiency Based on Coupled Nonlinear Resonances,” Nature Electronics (2018). Cover of Advanced Materials with M. Wang, A. Krasnok, T. Zhang, L. Scarabelli, H. Liu, Z. Wu, L. M. Liz- Marzán, M. Terrones, A. Alù, Y. Zheng, Tunable Fano Resonance and Plasmon-Exciton Coupling in Single Au Nanotriangles on Monolayer WS2 at Room Temperature,” Advanced Materials 30, 1705779 (2018). News and Views article for P. Y. Chen, M. Sakhdari, M. Hajizadegan, Q. Cui, M. Cheng,El-Ganainy, and A. Alù, Generalized Parity-Time Symmetry Condition For Enhanced Sensor Telemetry,” Nature Electronics 1, 297 (2018). 2018, 2017 ISI Highly Cited Researchers: A. Alù, N. Engheta, Fan, P. Kim, M. Lukin, A. Polman 2017 ICO Prize in Optics (A. Alù) Fellow of SPIE (A. Alù) Blavatnik National Award Finalist (2016, 2017, 2018, A. Alù) IEEE AP-S AdCom (A. Alù) IUMRS Young Researcher Award (A. Alù) International USNC-URSI Travel Grant (N. Mohammadi Estakhri) American Physical Society DMP Postdoc Travel Grant Award (N. Mohammadi Estakhri) Honorary Doctorate from Ukraine’s National Technical University (N. Engheta) Honorary Doctorate from University of Stuttgart, Germany (N. Engheta) Honorary Doctor of Technology from Aalto University, Finland (N. Engheta) 2017 Beacon of Photonics Industry Award from Photonics Media (N. Engheta) 2017 William Streifer Scientific Achievement Award from IEEE Photonics Society (N. Engheta) Fellow of URSI (N. Engheta) 2017 EPS Research into the Science of Light Prize (A. Polman) Hans Fischer Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Technical University of Munich, Germany (J. Vuckovic)
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